The Wright Chef: Culinary Artist in Residence

“The decision to pursue the path of the culinary artist is a bold one. It’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, community and cultures.”

2018 Wright Chef Jimmy Sanabria

What is “The Wright Chef” Competition?

The Wright Chef competition is the only one of its kind in the United States. The focus of this Culinary Artist in Residence program is to provide one aspiring chef with the venue, tools and opportunity needed to make an impact on the culinary industry in “one year”. The Wright Chef will exhibit a rigor and work ethic to showcase and develop their own vision of the artistry of cuisine.


The Wright Chef will marry a culinary acuity and ability to prepare nourishing, delicious and special food, with a desire to continuously learn and improve. This program is an opportunity to learn the basics of day-to-day operations, foundations of cooking, rudiments of management, and the patience and passion to teach and pass on your knowledge and technique to others.  


Do you have the drive and professionalism to be the very best at what you do? Then you may have what it takes to become The Wright Chef!


The Venue

Located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Price Tower - Frank Lloyd Wright’s only realized skyscraper - this opportunity presents a natural inspiration for creating culinary works of art from within an iconic, architectural masterpiece that is both a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage nominee. The restaurant and bar are located on the 15th and 16th floors, surrounded by breathtaking views of the prairie landscape. The 16th floor screams limitless potential with open dining on the outdoor terrace patios. The Wright Chef is not only a unique program, but it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that few will ever experience; to make your mark as head chef in a world-renowned tourist destination. For more information on the Price Tower, visit


What others are saying about the program...

MARIA GUS  /  Executive Director  /  Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau

“The Price Tower is a large reason that Bartlesville is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Oklahoma. This program will most definitely continue to elevate the existing mix of culture and innovation that embodies Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece on the prairie – and makes Bartlesville one of the must see destinations in the state.”